Sunday, March 22, 2015

Welcome Back!

Written by Karen.
Hola!  Welcome back!  Hopefully, this post finds all of you well and happy in life.  It’s been awhile, and it’s good to be back writing on ‘This Journey We Call Life’ again.  

Okay, time to get the blog back up and running!
Our last post discussed our desire to change things up with a slower - and simpler - travel pace. After considering our options, we decided to drive a large section of the Pan American highway, roughly from the San Diego, California border into Mexico, through Central America, across the Darien Gap to Colombia, through South American and ending at Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  That’s a lot of miles.  But, we’re up for the challenge!

Of course, our newest travel team member, Chinook, has a lot to say about how far down the road we actually get!  So far, our 1984 VW Vanagon has performed brilliantly. 

We’ve slowly made our way down to the southern Mexican coast in Oaxaca, exploring tiny pueblos and huge cities, and fog-shrouded mountain villages and sunny beach towns. Currently, we are in the small beach town of Puerto Escondido and will continue driving south tomorrow morning.  

We’re a couple of days out from crossing into Guatemala, although schedules and plans are subject to change!

We’ll do a series of “Flashback” articles to catch us up to the present, as well as continue to share our current experiences, thoughts and observations on this journey we call life.  It’s good to be back! 


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are well, enjoying your trip and progressing.
Jim & Shirley (Kim Patyk's folks)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! So glad to hear from you and that you are back on the road again! Look forward to reading about your adventures! How can you not, with Chinook in the picture! Dee & Jeff

Raanes said...

Hei Karen og Adam
Så fint å høre fra dere. Vi har ventet på å høre hvor ferden går videre. Kjekt. God tur og kos dere. Vi har det bra. Og kjører til Janne i Ski fredag på påsketuri og besøk.
Hilsen Oddvei og Ole Petter

This Journey We Call Life said...

Hi Jim and Shirley -

Thanks. Great to hear from you after we've been gone so long. We hope you are well. Sorry we weren't able to attend Jay/Kim's event awhile back. We'll see each other soon!

Take care,


This Journey We Call Life said...

Hey Dee and Jeff!

Very nice to hear from you! We're loving being out on the open road with Chinook. He's performing like a champion! Thanks for hanging in there with us! Hope all is well with you guys. Talk to you soon.


This Journey We Call Life said...

Hei Ole Petter og Oddvei -

Du vil elske å kjøre i Baja, Mexico! Lange veier, endeløs utsikt, mye å se .... kanskje du kan komme med oss et sted i Sentral eller Sør-Amerika ?! Glad for å høre at du er godt. Gi vår kjærlighet til alle.

Hilsener og kjærlighet,