Friday, August 31, 2012

Almost There...

Written by Karen.
We are fast approaching the moment when we will reach out, turn the handle, open the door and walk across the threshold and start a new journey into the unknown.  

A travel journey that Adam and I have chosen to take together and that we expect will bring additional changes and new perspectives to how we live, think, eat, and experience life.  In short, we are finally ready to jump off the cliff and spread our wings!  First stop: South America.

We are now suddenly weeks away from departure.  I'm not sure exactly how that happened.

For the longest time, it felt as if we were walking in quicksand; each step taken would lead to new challenges, adjustments and recalculations.  One step forward, two steps backward and one to the side. Tricky chess moves with no checkmate.
Seal Beach, California
To be honest, there were times that I didn't think we would make it. Not because we weren't committed to our goal of taking a break from our careers, changing things up a bit, pursuing our interests and passions while traveling slowly around the world, but because it was so damn difficult to make the necessary changes/decisions to get us to this point where we could turn our goal into a reality.

It's taken us nearly two years to try and figure out how to gracefully extract ourselves from our current way of life - and wouldn't you know it - the final pieces of the puzzle that have been hovering tantalizingly out of reach are falling into place - all in one great dizzying swoosh!
Carmel Valley, California
So now with 20/20 clarity that only comes from looking in the rear view mirror, the ups and downs of the past two years seem to fade a bit and smooth out somewhat.  It has been a long and challenging process to downsize and break away from our current lifestyle.  Was it worth it? Yes.  Without a doubt.  Change is hard - don't kid yourself - but it is so worth it to come through the other side.

Because change - either as a noun or as a verb - forces you to wake up.  You start to re-examine yourself and your priorities, and the creative life juices start to flow again like a surging spring stream. You begin to redefine yourself based on the new challenges, perspectives and opportunities that you have been exposed to.  And as a result, you change.
Lucerne, Switzerland
Everything is new again.  You're in a different space.  You look at life differently.  You become rejuvenated.  The possibilities and opportunities are endless.  The magic of living life fully in the moment is tangible and everywhere.

You gain confidence each step of the way.  You ignore the self-generated fear talk that you shouldn't try this, or you shouldn't do that - what will people think?!  Who cares!!

When you lift your head out of the rut of your everyday routine, you learn to see the wonder of life all over again. You start to imagine, what can I do next? What possibilities are out there that I haven't noticed or become aware of yet?
Yosemite Valley, California
I gave my notice to my employer a couple of weeks ago.  My last day working in my current position is next Friday.  I thought I would be nervous or uncertain of my decision, but I wasn't. I knew when I walked into my boss' office that Monday morning that this meeting was just another step along the way. To here. To this jumping off point. 

The decisions that Adam and I have made together over the past several years have changed our life trajectory - no doubt about that - and our life as we know it is quickly coming to a close. 

I have no regrets; no wishes for a do-over. Instead, I am filled with unabashed excitement and incredible gratitude to have an opportunity to leave our comfort zone, re-create ourselves, and savor life fully.  Here's hoping that this life adventure continues way past our year-long travel adventure...

Imagine what lies ahead of us all if we open ourselves up to the endless opportunities and possibilities of living life fully and without regret!

"The best is yet to come."       Adam Woblesky

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