Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Transition

Written by Karen.
Like wounded animals who curl into a dark place to lick their wounds, we lay low at Adam’s moms house for several days, popping Advil and catching catnaps to help allay the damage caused by our four-day blitz of moving out of our house.  Our tenants have moved in, and according to our property manager, are very happy in their new space.  This pronouncement also makes me happy.  It’s been quite an effort to get our house to the very best level possible - even though we knew it was for unknown tenants - and it feels like we are leaving our home in good hands.  

We have moved in with Adam’s mom for a few weeks until we fly out of the Bay Area for South America sometime this month.  In retrospect, it was a good idea to have a period of transition prior to us being suddenly dropped into a South American country, and we are grateful to Adam’s mom, Nina, for encouraging us to stay with her.  Life is already different for us with this transitionary move and taking these differences one step at a time - in smaller doses - will make our entry into a totally foreign culture less extreme.

We still have a list of travel-related things to do, and will continue to intersperse these tasks with catching up with friends and family. We'll be up and running again full-strength - sans Advil! - shortly.

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