Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Street Graffiti or Fine Art?

Written by Karen.
Every large city has an abundance of street graffiti, and Bogota, Colombia is certainly not an exception. As we've been walking the streets over the past several weeks, I've been taking pictures of some of the more interesting graffiti that we've come across.  Graffiti or Fine Art?  You decide.  


Jessica Strickland said...

One of the things I love to do while traveling is photograph Graffiti art. Yes it is definitely ART. I don't consider tagging where someone just defaces property by writing their name or gang sign art but what you have pictured here is amazing. Not for everyone but still in my opinion ART! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Adam!! xoxo Jessica

Observers of Life said...

Hi Jessica!

I have to agree with you - The amount of skill that it takes to paint these pictures is pretty high. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well! Have an extra bite of turkey for us....okay! :)

SurlyTraveller said...

Yes, these do look like amazing expressions of thoughtful feeling, and talk about skill! In particular, the last one seems amazing! I wonder just how many photos the two of you will have by the end of your travels (aren't you glad that you're not lugging film cannisters around?)

Observers of Life said...

Hi ST!

I agree - each one evokes quite a range of emotions! You have to really wonder how these paintings are put together. Each one is significantly large. The last one looks a little 3-D to me, which is pretty cool.

As far as pictures, I'm having to be a little ruthless! If it's not good, it gets tossed! Even still, I am up to around 2,000 photos in 3 weeks! I guess I'm not as ruthless as I thought! :)