Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Afternoon in Lima, Peru

Coastal Views
Written by Karen.
We slid into Lima as if into a pool filled with cool satin.  Effortlessly.  We have only begun to scratch the surface of this City, but already we know that we really like this place.  A lot.  Lima is the first city that we have explored in South America where we can see ourselves living in for awhile.  

There's much to do and see here.  Besides an extensive array of museums and theaters, the cobblestoned streets and alleys offer a multitude of shops, bookstores, cafes and international restaurants to explore.  The people are friendly and outwardly social - plus the Pacific Ocean is right here.  Not to say that this is a perfect city.  In fact, this is a flawed city like most metropolitan areas. The state of poverty in some places - and the resulting issues that arise directly from poverty - is the most striking and extreme that we have seen yet on our journey.  The line between those who have and those who have not is very thin. 

We went by bus from the historical downtown area to the fogged-in coast - a long stretch of land that includes manicured parks, walking paths, tiny restaurants, a shopping mall, parks and plazas, and scenic vistas.  It reminded us both of Santa Monica, California.  Couples and families having picnics in the shade of a palm tree; kids rollerblading or playing futbol; paragliders soaring high on the coastal currents; people stopping for a glass of chicha (a most delicious drink made from purple corn) or simply a cool soda; or just walking slowly along the coast savoring the views, the cool breezes and enjoying the fleeting moment. 

We walked close to fifteen miles yesterday - up and down the coast line and in-and-out of surrounding neighborhoods full of shady tree-lined streets and tiny neighborhood cafes - looking for the pros and the cons of this little community.  We'll do the same thing today in a neighboring community.  Out of the bus now, out of the taxi, no rental car - we are seeing Lima on foot and up-close.

A small shopping mall with retail and small restaurants right on the coast.
We enjoyed a hamburger and a coke here outside on the terrace.
The parks and lawns were beautifully maintained as we strolled along the coastline.

Taking it slow on a Saturday afternoon.  You can see the paragliders off in the distance.
As the statue suggests, this was the Park of Love.  
This heart-shaped peek at the ocean was part of the mosaic fence that surrounded the Park of Love.
One of the local homes
A tree-lined promenade from the ocean to the business district. 
Beautiful street art being created by Juan Carlos Masias C.
Street artist, Juan Carlos Masias C.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Beautiful city!

Observers of Life said...

Hi! Lima is a very beautiful city! Lots to do and see! :)