Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Driving Slowly Up the Italian Coast

Written by Karen.
We drove into La Spezia, Italy during the magical evening twilight hours and promptly decided to try and find a place to spend the night. La Spezia, a port town, was exactly like the images that I harbored in my imagination and hoped for in reality: families and couples quietly strolling down the paved pedestrian strand alongside the Mediterranean Sea; tiny shops offering gelato and espresso for sale; and, people sitting on benches under the gently swaying palm trees surrounded by gardens of scented flowers looking out on the endless horizon - talking, thinking, dreaming - as the soft orange sun slowly begins its descent into the intensely colored turquoise sea water.  
Sometimes the truly richest moments come from the simplest of experiences.  Tonight, these moments come in spades: licking the salted caramel gelato cone; walking hand-in-hand along the concrete-and-tile pedestrian strand built inches above the gently lapping waves; breathing in deeply the cool, sharp tangy air that smells of sea and sand; and, watching with gratitude as the sun begins to set with a kaleidoscope of watercolor pastels, hues and streaks over the glassy blue Mediterranean Sea.   

Tomorrow, we will begin to slowly explore the western Italian coastline. Tonight, we linger long after the golden light leaves us soaking up the sounds, smells, and personality of this little town that we just happened to stumble upon.  
The road towards the western Italian coast is surprisingly green and mountainous. 
The hills above La Spezia, Italy
Pretty much the same view in the following three pictures: one was taken during the early evening, the next picture was taken a few hours later, and the last one was taken early the next morning...it's a beautiful town whatever time of day! 


Jennifer Chase said...

Wow, it is absolutely breathtaking! You take great photos. The views are very inspiring for me as a writer :)

Observers of Life said...

Thanks Jennifer! I know what you mean about pictures being inspiring when you begin to write. You kinda' get transported into the scene...