Monday, November 4, 2013

Unexpected Sunset

Written by Karen.
It had been steamy, hot and overcast all day.  The heavy, moist and voluptuous overhead gray skies occasionally drizzled down spits of water that briefly cooled the air above our heads and then evaporated quickly back up into the sky to come down again an hour later. We spent the muggy day moving slowly, trying to stay cool and reflecting on and appreciating the passage of time. 

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. Wow. 25 years. What a ride it has been so far!  

As we left the outdoor restaurant, where we had the good fortune to sit directly in front of an old and rusting fan, a sudden glow over the ocean caused everyone to turn and look west.  The sun which had remained hidden and shy throughout the day was suddenly making a dramatic appearance.  We were being given an amazing - and unexpected - sunset.  Full of colors, light and shadows.  

I grabbed my camera and started snapping the distant horizon. It seemed like the perfect picture; the right way to symbolize twenty-five years together. The unexpected; the beauty; the gray clouds; the shadows; the light; the colors.  Happy Anniversary, Adam!  I'm signing up for another 25 years!


Jennifer Chase said...

Happy Anniversary you two!! :) Mine was yesterday! Fantastic photos.

Observers of Life said...

Thanks Jennifer! Happy Anniversary to you as well!


Gary & Julia said...

Happy anniversary you two! Nice job capturing that beautiful sunset! Bless you both!

Observers of Life said...

Hi Julia!

Thanks very much! Take care and say "Hi" to Gary from both of us! :)


Harry said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to both of you! Sounds like it will be a memorable one. My first post but I've been enjoying the blog so far! Thanks for letting us "travel" with you :)

Observers of Life said...

Hey Harry!

Thanks! We had a good day. :) Take care - thanks for "traveling" along with us - talk to you soon!


Gus & Cam said...

Congratulations on a quarter century together! Quite an achievement in today's world. May the next quarter be even more inspiring and fulfilling for you both.
Much love,
Gus & Cam

Observers of Life said...

Hi Gus and Cam! Great to hear from you - take care - talk to you soon!

Karen and Adam