Saturday, March 8, 2014

At the Peak

Written by Karen.
We got lucky today and briefly saw the sun and blue sky for the first time since we’ve been in Hong Kong.  We were lucky as we had made the trek to the top of Victoria Peak earlier while the sky was still gray and misty, and the top of the mountain was shrouded in ghostly fog.  
Victoria Peak is the highest peak of the main mountain range that overlooks Hong Kong.  The peak is 552 meters (approximately 1811 feet) above sea level and offers spectacular views of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor and other surrounding islands.  It is said that on a clear day, you can see all the way to mainland China.

At the peak, there’s a wonderful hike that allows you to walk all the way around Victoria Peak with nearly 360 degree views offered.  It’s a steep walk up and down the mountain, but the 3.2 km walk along Lugard Road - which is not much more than a historical paved path - was an easy stroll and absolutely beautiful.  It’s quiet and peaceful, with waterfalls, birds, and verdant greenery, shrubs and trees.  The views were incredible. We walked slowly to savor the views of the far off distant islands, the vanishing mist, the crisp architectural and colorful rectangular buildings that make up the Hong Kong skyline down below. The changing skies - and our first look at the blue sky as the sun slowly burned away the gray mist - offered changing panoramic views below. 

A small waterfall on the side of Lugard Road
The historical Lugard Road 
The following pictures were taken from the Victoria Peak Trail, or Pok Fu Lam Tree Walk, and show distance  and panoramic views of Hong Kong down below, Victoria Harbor and surrounding islands.  

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