Sunday, April 12, 2015

Oaxaca - Part Deux

Written by Karen.
Change of plans.  Instead of heading further southeast along the Mexican coast and crossing the border into Guatemala as originally planned, we instead turned left back towards Oaxaca. 

We’ve had a slight technical malfunction with our second car battery that will be fixed with a replacement 12v cord that is being shipped from the States.  We’ve also got a mechanical issue that we have to troubleshoot with Chinook that causes him to hiccup and stall when we are going up hills.  So, back to Oaxaca while we work out these issues.

But while we are tethered somewhat to the greater Oaxaca area while these technical and mechanical issues get resolved, we were able to give Oaxaca a second, third and fourth glance and explore the area in much greater detail than we had expected.  

We wound up walking around the city much more than we expected due to several days of street blockades, or bloqueos.  Evidently, protests and airing of grievances occur here in the state capital frequently enough that there is a bloqueos website that posts what streets have been blocked on any particular day.  It never was really clear what the protests were about, but the locals seem to take the ambiguous inconvience in stride.  Most of the people involved with the protest were waiting in the shade and having a cold refreshment, while the rest of the city coped with the unbelievable traffic gridlock that resulted from the busses blocking all lanes of traffic on one or several main arteries through the city.  

Adam and I thought that perhaps we would place Chinook across the lanes of traffic and protest the protest, but decided that we’d let the local politics stay local and started walking the back streets of Oaxaca.  Here are a bit of the colors, light, textures and shadows that we found walking around downtown Oaxaca.  



Anonymous said...

Good to see your blog again! Love the photos Karen. Sending love to you and Adam. Kelly

This Journey We Call Life said...

Hey Kelly!

Thanks for coming along with us! Thanks for commenting on the pictures - I love photography and it is great to hear your comments!! Take care - talk to you soon.


Karen (and Adam, of course!)