Sunday, October 2, 2016

Grocery Store Shopping in Bangkok

Written by Adam

Since I am avoiding a prolonged life of gastronomical austerity, I was compelled to visit the Thai version of a grocery store in search of some free range kale, among other things.  In some ways the offerings presented there are quite familiar to all of us, so I will not burden you with those.  I was more interested in the sheer variety of heretofore unknown groceries available in Thailand, and the subtle marketing used to move them off the aisles and directly towards the checkout counters.  

As I casually perused the aisles, the more comical (and thus perhaps slightly more entertaining) aspects of Thai grocery culture began to reveal themselves before my iPhone camera. The market that I visited would most likely be considered to be very upscale in many other parts of the world. It prominently featured an in-store bakery, highly diverse takeaway selections, a complete liquor department that featured institutional prohibition, as well as assorted essential (and non-essential) household sundries from all over the world.

Some observations noted were many more linear feet of aisle space devoted to cooking oils, frozen and dried fish, fish sauce, and imported cookies - of all things. Signage was prominent that clearly pointed out where the tea was, to the exclusion of coffee. Outside the grocery store there were many more establishments devoted to partaking in a burgeoning coffee culture, seemingly to the deliberate exclusion of tea.

Larger (chain-sized) grocery stores located in the city were for the most part subterranean, buried in the nether regions of established shopping malls - becoming just another part of the highly-evolved retail establishment currently thriving in Thailand. Dropping-in to pick up some groceries became exactly that, and I am glad that I did.

The appearance of the liquor department during "prohibition".

The clear rules of "prohibition".

Some hotels will fine you $1,000.00 USD if you dare to eat Durian in the room.

 I suppose that you will always need access to an extra pair at all times.

Forensic Dentists will testify to a clear impossibility - thus not guilty!

This would not be the best choice on a first date.

Just in case you have a late-night craving for some goat milk.

The man used to market these "Jazz Apples" looks a bit like Charlie Sheen.

Finally, a product whose crumbs will always end up in the lap of luxury!

During intermission you can track down some insulin.

After you trap it...what do you do with it?

Her modeling experience includes marketing dried seaweed...

This cat looks like he may be dying for some fish.

The joyful packaging looks just like a positive pregnancy test.

Eggs are considered optional.

It sure better be.

Just in case you need to brush your teeth in the Cotton Club.

A somewhat contradictory message on the packaging?  Classic.


Janice L. said...

I love the photos of the crazy products on the shelves!

This Journey We Call Life said...

Now we really know what is inside all of the delivery trucks! Nice to hear from you - please say hello to Gregor. Safe travels!

Adam J.